Riveresque Cafe, Leeds

Last weekend my boyfriend and I spent the night away in Leeds, a city I feel like I can never spend enough time in. Between going to a gig, sipping hot mead at the adorable German Christmas markets, and checking out all of the beautiful contemporary art spaces (the Tetley is a wonderful use of an iconic building), we had breakfast at Riveresque Cafe.

Located right before the bridge on Bridge End Street, Riveresque is a bustling little cafe that overlooks the Leeds/Liverpool canal, and serves a Full English that will set you up for a full day of exploring.


We arrived at around 11am and took a seat downstairs, nabbing the last vacant table. The table opposite us had a prime view of the canal, but it was still relaxing to watch the Leeds taxi boat, drive up and down the water.


Riveresque boats a simple but extensive menu with both breakfast and lunch options. The food can be eaten in or taken away, and judging by the long queue, is a popular spot in the city.

Jon and I both opted for the Full English (£4.75), not feeling up to the challenge of the Riveresque Mega Breakfast (£7.75).




After a short wait, our food arrived and my mouth immediately started to water. A classic Full English, and exactly you need to start the day if you’re feeling hung-over or not. They also have huuuuge bottles of Heniz tomato ketchup, which is a true sign of any good breakfast establishment worth visiting.


Everything was hot and fresh, and went down a treat before a day of exploring. As we where leaving, there was a queue almost out the door, which can only be a good sign of somewhere to eat. Riveresque Cafe have a website you can find here and a Facebook page. They are also featured on the Leeds List website, which is a wonderful website if you’re planning a trip to the city.



East Avenue Bakehouse

East Avenue Bakehouse is a bakery that’s so much more than the delicious bread and pastries it provides its customers. Serving seasonal specials, East Avenue Bakehouse is perfect place for any meal if you want fresh, local produce.

East Avenue Bakehouse sits atop of Bold Street and it’s always packed. Before deciding to make a reservation, we’d always see the queue out of the door and bypassed for somewhere else. I feel like this is breaking the golden rule of eating out – if there’s a queue out of the door every time you go to eat somewhere, it is definitely a place worth booking a table for.

We arrived for breakfast, of course, on Saturday morning at around half eleven. We were seated and given menus, eyeing up all of the different options to taste. I’m not going to lie, usually a big menu scares me but East Avenue have put so much effort into sourcing and preparing their food, a detailed list of what’s on offer is welcome.

I ordered the Bold Street Brunch (£15.95), opting for the boozy version with a glass of prosecco, and Jon ordered The Ultimate (£7.50) with a side of local Old Rainford sausage (£1.95). We also ordered some granary toast (£1.95) to share (sadly they’d ran out of sourdough bread) and Jon went for a black coffee.

The Bold Street Brunch is a selection of EAB’s finest from their breakfast menu. It comes with freshly made toast and mini pastries, a poached egg and bacon, sausage and a granola bowl topped with natural yogurt and fruit compote. You can get a version without prosecco for £11.25 but I felt like celebrating the weekend. I’m glad I chose something that allowed me to sample all of what EAB has to offer breakfast wise. Everything tasted great and having a mini pastry to finish it off was a little treat. I’m also glad Jon got an extra sausage as a side because one was not enough – they’re amazing! The Bold Street Brunch also comes in a veggie option for all the non-meat eating gals.

The Ultimate feels like a deconstructed full English. It consists of smoked bacon, Bury black pudding, tomatoes and mushroom piled on a slice of homemade bread with poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Although the black puddings where tiny, they were delicious and full of flavour. The Ultimate also comes as a veggie option called The Ultimatum and is perfect if you want a filling breakfast but not a full English.

East Avenue Bakehouse can be found on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Their website is here and I’m definitely recommend booking in advance if you’re planning to eat at a peak time. Their selection of tasty baked goods can be taken away and they sell freshly made loafs, if you fancy something different at home and want to support a local business.


Breakfast Club on Tour; Paris

Bonjour! Last week my boyfriend and I spent two days in Paris to celebrate our anniversary. Paris is one of my favourite places in the whole entire wold. I love everything about it but one of my most favourite things is the food. I could happily eat my way around the city (and all of France) and still want to go back and eat some more.


Even though we where only there a short while, I researched into numerous places to eat breakfast, like I do with everywhere I go. The two places I’m going to talk about here are Fragments and Coquelicot.

Fragments is an amazing and petite cafe in the Marais area of the city. It was a short walk away from our hotel and then around a twenty minute walk away from Notre-Dam. We arrived around 9:30am to find Fragments busy with Parisians enjoying their morning coffees and a record playing. We sat down and looked at the menu, which is listed on a chalkboard behind the counter. For some reason (possibly hunger) I did not take enough pictures of either of these places but there’s so much to Instagram in Fragments, it’s fabulous. Next to the menu board there is a huge vintage poster of a Bruce Lee poster, which I have no idea why I didn’t immediately take a picture and post it. Oh well.


I ordered the scrambled eggs and toast, while Jon opted for the granola bowl. We also ordered two filter coffees which reminded us exactly how amazing European coffee is. Our food arrived in good time, and it was nice to sit and soak up the atmosphere before a busy day of exploring. The food at Fragments was so fresh and delicious, it was perfect.

You can find Fragments on Instagram @fragmentsparis and on Facebook.

Our next breakfast spot was in Montmare, another beautiful area of Paris. We had a walking tour planned for that morning, so we did some research before leaving the hotel and discovered Coquelicot, a short walk away from Abbesses metro station.

Coquelicot is a bakery with seats and serves breakfast all day. We sat at a table upstairs and looked over the menus. The crowd was a mixture of tourists and locals, and the smells floating up from the bakery downstairs where so promising. Jon and I both ordered one of the petit-déjeuner formulas from the menu, that consisted of a bowl of coffee (!!!), two slices of traditional baguette, jam & honey, a glass of orange juice, and the best slice of bread I have ever tasted.

Coquelicot was the quintessential Parisian breakfast. The bread and jam alone where amazing and filling, and I feel like a bowl of coffee is the best start to any day. We even purchased croissants and pan au chocolat from the bakery to eat later. They also do a brunch menu which I’d love to try next time we visit. Coquelicot has a website that can be found here.

A few places I also found while researching breakfasts in Paris are: Holybelly, Le Tambour, Cafe Pinson, and Cafe Kitsune.

Au revoir for now!



Constellations is an excellent venue in the Baltic Triangle. It’s beer garden is a fabulous place to sit in warmer months, and they make great use of their space to host art exhibitions, DJ sets and gigs. Their weekend brunch club is every weekend from 10am to 3pm.

My sister and I went to Constellations on Sunday to try their weekend brunch club. I was excited to see how they would adapt the place for the brunch club, and of course, what the breakfast was like.

Constellations cafe/bar is bright and open, with tables and benches dotted around. I’m glad we booked in advance because it was busy with groups and families. We sat down and looked over the menu, before ordering a soy cappuccino (for Sophie) and a mimosa (for me). We both decided on the full English (£8), the true Breakfast Club Blog Test.


Constellation’s full English has delicious ingredients that are all locally sourced. They also do a vegan and vegetarian option, as well as muffins, American breakfasts and a build your own bap. The full English consists of eggs how you want, bacon, sausage, baked beans, fried potato, tomato and toast with sea salt butter. I opted for scrambled eggs and Sophie ordered poached.


We did wait a little while for our food due to it being busy, but this was an excuse for another mimosa. Our food arrived fresh and well presented, filling but not too rich. I loved the baked beans and fried potato, done a bit differently to what I’ve had before.


Constellations’ weekend brunch club is relaxed, and perfect if you want a chilled start to the weekend. There’s an option to have a person-sized bottle of Prosecco with brunch, which always makes breakfast a lot more fun.



You can find Constellations website here, and their Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram @constellationsliverpool. As well as doing a lovely brunch, there’s always so much going on here and every time I’ve been it’s always different and fun.



Clockworks is a hidden gem. Tucked away in Wolstenholme Square, it’s an easy place to miss when roaming around the Ropewalks area. I had the pleasure of being invited to sample their breakfast menu, and used my Sunday off to do just that.

Jon and I arrived at around 10am, excited to sit inside away from the cold and enjoy a hot coffee. We where greeted and seated by the lovely Jordan, who would later tells us all about the joys of a proper Scottish full English and the hangover cure that is a Bloody Mary.

We studied the menu and discussed how trying a full English is a true Breakfast Club Blog Test (can I coin this phrase?) of a new place. We ordered and enjoyed our coffee, admiring the very speak-easy/steam punk decor of Clockworks. It wasn’t long before our meals arrived, hot and presented beautifully.


I ordered the vanilla fresh stacked waffles, with crispy bacon and maple syrup (£7) and Jon went for the true Breakfast Club Blog Test: the Carnivore full English (£8). Jordan told us how their breakfasts are fried and not grilled, keeping in all of the flavor in but without being greasy. The Carnivore consists of bacon, sausage, black pudding, potato cake, mushrooms, baked beans, eggs however you want them, and toast. You can also get a veggie version, aptly named the Herbivore, if you’re not a meat eating gal.

I did experience some breakfast envy until I tried the crispy bacon on my waffles. Whoever first poured maple syrup over bacon is a genius. I am obsessed with super crispy bacon,  and Jordan explained how they fry their bacon but leave enough fat on it to make it delicious but not tough.

Jordan offered us some Bloody Mary’s but we politely declined (for now I’m definitely more of a Mimosa gal). However next time I’m feeling a bit fragile from the night before, I think a Carnivore breakfast and a Bloody Mary at Clockworks would sort me right out.

You can find Clockworks opposite where the Kazimier once stood (RIP). As well as breakfast, they have a lunch & evening menu, and an impressive little cocktails menu. I think it would be a cute place for a date and I’m eager to try their pie and a pint deal.

Online, you can find Clockworks on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks again to Tom, Jordan and the Clockworks team. We will definitely be back soon!


Lucha Libre’s Brunch Menu 

Combining my two favourite things, breakfast and Mexican food, Lucha Libre’s brunch menu thoroughly impressed me. Lucha Libre is one of my favourite places to eat in Liverpool, and I’d never tried their brunch menu… until now.


Lucha Libre is usually our first choice for an evening meal out, so Jon and I where excited to see what Mexican twist they would do on brunch. We arrived and took a seat in one of the booths, looking over the menu and enjoying how quiet the restaurant was. Jon ordered a berries, apple & banana smoothie and even though I was very tempted by the mimosa, I settle for a freshly pressed apple juice in honor of a dry January.

After having a look at the menu Jon settled for the Maria Sabrina Benedict; a toast English muffin with poached egg, spinach mushroom and hollandaise sauce, while I decided to go all out and try a breakfast burrito. Lucha Libre do the best burritos ever, and I was not disappointed by this breakfast version: chorizo, potato hash, mushroom, omelette, Mexican beans, chipotle and frijoles all wrapped up in a tortilla wrap.

I’ve never had a breakfast burrito before it was great! I am very burrito-biased but it was really enjoyable and didn’t taste how I expected at all (I really did expect a full english crammed into a wrap). It was spicy and filling, but not too overpowering. The Maria Sabrina Benedict passed the poached egg test, and gave me a bit of breakfast envy.

Lucha Libre’s brunch menu is fab if you fancy something a bit different. I really wish they did a street food tray of the brunch menu because I’d love to try a little bit of everything. Their regular menu is amazing too, and they never disappoint.

Lucha Libre are all over the gaff, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Along with a few other independents in Liverpool at the moment they’re offering 40% off the bill with the Keep It Local campaign. You can find out a bit more about that here.

I hope everyone is having a good 2017 so far!


Love Thy Neighbour

On Saturday I had the day off and successfully got myself out of bed before 10am to finish off my Christmas shopping. My boyfriend and I got into town before the crowds, got everything on our list, and where sitting in Bold Street’s newest addition, Love Thy Neighbour, all before twelve.

Love Thy Neighbour popped up a few weeks ago and immediately caught my attention. At the top of Bold Street, it’s clear open windows and minimalist inside are exactly what I need after a morning of Christmas shopping in the hectic city centre.

Enter a caption

Jon and I arrived and sat down, greeted by a friendly waitress that took our coffee order within a few minutes. We mulled over the menu and decided to both get the mushroom, spinach and poached egg bagel.

We didn’t have to wait long for our food and it was exactly what we needed after a morning of shopping and trying not to get sucked into the Christmas chaos. The bagel was toasted perfectly and it wasn’t too overfilled. The only downside was not enough spinach but the delicious mushrooms and bacon made up for that.

After letting our bagels go down and drinking more coffee, we asked the waitress what cakes and desserts where on offer. She told us there where brownies coming out of the oven and would be ready in fifteen minutes. I felt like that was a sign for the dessert gods.

The food and the service in Love Thy Neighbour where fabulous. The waitresses where attentive and chatty, discussing “divide and conquer” tactics for shopping in Lush at Christmas, and the whole atmosphere was a lovely, chilled contrast to the craziness of town on the Saturday before Christmas.

I’m genuinely excited to return to Love Thy Neighbour and try more of the plates they have, as well as a green tea cocktail or two. It’s a lovely place to go and unwind, eat great food and get away from the craziness that is shopping in Liverpool of a weekend.


PS. I forgot to take a picture of the brownie (which was chocolate and peanut butter) because I was too excited to eat it.

The Breakfast Club on tour: The Blackbird, Edinburgh

For my birthday, Jon and I spent a night in Edinburgh. It was a place we’d both never visited before but we definitely want to again. Despite being super chilly (I wore two jumpers and a pair of tights under my jeans), we packed in as much as we could into our one night stay. We went on a ghost walk, drank some whiskey, sampled haggis – and loved it – and, of course, ate some breakfast.

After a lot of researching and looking at Pinterest boards about the best places to eat in Edinburgh, we narrowed it down to three places and The Blackbird was one of them. Around a twenty minute from our apartment in The Westend of the city, The Blackbird is a cute little pub that serves food and has excellent decor. With it’s relaxed atmosphere quirky interior, I feel like The Blackbird would fit in perfectly on Lark Lane.

We arrived around 10am on Saturday and where the only ones in there for a little while, until a few more people came in for food. We took a table with a couch and lots of cushions, and looked over the menu while enjoying the warmth.

We both ordered The Big One (£9.95), that comes with bacon, pork & herb sausage, haggis (my new favourite), black pudding, mushrooms, tomato, eggs how you want them, beans, hash brown, potato scone AND toast. It was delicious, filling and exactly what you need on a cold morning after exploring the city the night before (and drinking a few hot toddies).


You can find The Blackbird’s website here, along with their Twitter and Instagram. They’re also on Facebook.


The other places we looked at where The Haven, Cairngorm Coffee Co. and Mimi’s Little Bakehouse. We didn’t go to them as they where a bit far out, but when we return to Edinburgh, I’d love to check them out.

Barley & Beans

Anywhere that serves a shot of peanut M&Ms with your hot drink deserves a shout out, and Barley & Beans in Liverpool does just that. Located in Hatton Garden, a short walk from Moorfields Station, Barley & Beans serve a good breakfast at a reasonable price.



After passing it on the bus every so often and hearing a lot about the freak shakes that they serve, my friend and I decided on Barley & Beans as the place for our catch-up. I didn’t indulge in a freak shake but I did order some breakfast. To start I ordered a black coffee with almond milk, and the smoked salmon Benedict (£7.25) as my main. Carol opted for a round of toast with butter and jam (£3.00) and a Coke in a glass bottle.

Barley & Beans keep it local and get their coffee from Bootle roasters, Joe Black Coffee (shout out to L20). It was delicious and definitely needed on a cold day. The waitresses where extremely friendly & chatty, and our food arrived in good time.


Served on cool slate plates, my eggs Benedict was presented perfectly. I love it when you first put your fork into a poached egg and the yellow runny center pours out. It’s a sign of a good egg. The breakfast was a good sized portion and I didn’t feel like I needed any extras to fill me up. Usually I would be greedy and order extra toast or bacon, but I didn’t need to and I was left with room for a cheeky brunch dessert!


Never underestimate the delicious simplicity of of a toasted English muffin and a well poached egg. The Hollandaise sauce complimented the smoked salmon, making a fancy little change from my usual choice of bacon with tomato sauce. After finishing my breakfast, I ordered a Reece’s peanut butter hot chocolate (£3.50). Loaded with whipped cream and marshmallows, it was sweet, delicious and worth the stomach ache later on (I’m dairy intolerant, wah).


Barley & Beans is a perfect place to order food, chill and spend some time watching the world go by. I particularly enjoyed how reasonable all of their food is, and how they’re passionate about the ingredients used to make those delicious breakfasts.

Barley & Beans are on Facebook and Twitter. Their website can be found here and their Instagram is @barleyandbeans.


Breakfast Club on tour: CT Coffee & Coconuts, Amsterdam

I have found many wonderful things through Pinterest and CT • Coffee & Coconuts is one of them. Housed in the Ceintuur Theatre, CT is a beautiful and spacious restaurant and the first place we ate breakfast on our Amsterdam trip.


Coffee and Coconuts is conveniently located across the road from a tram stop and around a twenty minute stroll from the Heineken Experience, which was our first place to visit. We arrived around 10am and didn’t book a table, but where immediately seated on the upper level, looking over the rest of the cafe. Amsterdam has some amazing buildings and the Ceintuur Theatre is one of them. Formerly a cinema in the 1920s, the Ceintuur Theatre makes me think that so many abandoned buildings that where once hives of activity, can be transformed into something fresh and new with the right vision and backing.

We browsed the menu and ordered coffee, before deciding on the full CT breakfast and the poached eggs “Rockafella.” I ordered the CT breakfast, that comes with scrambled eggs cooked with avocado, granola with yogurt, coconut pancakes and Dutch strawberries. Jon opted for the poached eggs, cooked in a delicious spinach and fennel sauce (that I made sure I got to taste), and served with sourdough toast.

The portion sizes where just right and set us up for a day of drinking tiny Heineken beers and walking around the city. Both of our breakfast filled us up without feeling too stodgy, and the chilled atmosphere of Coffee & Coconuts was a perfect introduction to breakfast in Amsterdam.

Located in the De Pijp neighborhood, Coffee & Coconuts also serves cocktails, lunch and evening meals. It’s interior is lofty and beautiful (aka perfect to Instagram), and is a relaxing place to start the day. They are on Facebook and have a website too.